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Belfast International Airport is conveniently located within an hour’s drive from many important towns and cities in Northern Ireland, and is the premier airport of this part of the country. It is the busiest in terms of passenger traffic in Northern Ireland, the second busiest in the whole of Ireland, and the thirteenth busiest airport in the United Kingdom. The airport can also be known as the Aldergrove Airport, and has the official code of BFS. Belfast International Airport parking is available in various car parks, and is convenient for the use of passengers arriving in private vehicles. Only paid parking areas are in use, but the tariffs are considered as reasonable for airport parking.

Driving to Belfast International Airport is relatively simply, as main roads and motorways are found in the vicinity. The airport road is the A57, and this road, along with the M2, is used to reach the airport from Belfast city and from Newtownabby. Belfast is approximately 23km, or 13.2 miles from the airport, and it will be a thirty to forty minute drive, depending on traffic conditions. Nearby the airport and to the north is Antrim, and from here the A26 road is used. The A26 is also the route to follow from areas further north, such as Ballymena, Ballymoney and Coleraine. The main road leading from areas south of the airport, such as Dublin, Newry and Craigavon, is the M1. Once arriving at Belfast International Airport, parking is available in three areas, two of which are in close proximity to the airport terminal. The third parking lot is further away, and is used as a long-term car park. In total, there are over 8,000 parking spaces for private vehicles at Belfast International Airport.

Belfast International Airport Parking – Short Stay

The short-term parking lot at the airport is ideally used for a few hours at most, and is located within easy walking distance of the airport terminal building. Although convenient for reaching the terminal, the short-stay area will get expensive if used for long periods of time. Parking in the short-stay area is charged as follows: £1.00 for half an hour, £2.00 for between thirty minutes and an hour, £6.60 for up to two hours, £9.90 for up to three hours, £13.20 for up to four hours, £16.50 for up to five hours, £19.80 for up to six hours, £23.10 for up to seven hours, £26.50 for up to eight hours and £29.70 for up to nine hours. For twenty-four hours of parking in the short-stay area the charges will be £33.00. Each day thereafter, or part thereof, are charged at £33.00.

For passengers who simply wish to drop-off departing passengers, there is a ‘drop-off’ zone directly adjacent to the terminal building. It is £1.00 for ten minutes, and cars should not be left unattended in this area. Motorists should follow the signs which read ‘Picking up/Dropping Off’, and payments are made using the coin bin or card machine upon exit of the drop-off zone.

Belfast International Airport Parking – Main Parking Lot

The main car park is also in the nearby vicinity of the terminal building, and can be reached on foot. It is ideally used for stays of a few days, and is perfect for business and short-break passengers. The following tariffs are applicable: £3.30 for an hour, £6.60 for up to two hours, £9.90 for up to three hours, £11.00 for between three and ten hours, £13.00 for up to a day and £25.00 for two days of parking. £12.00 is charged for each day thereafter.

Belfast International Airport Parking – Long Stay

This parking lot is located quite far from the passenger terminal, and therefore, a courtesy shuttle bus is available. The shuttle bus operated twenty-four hours a day, and is a more convenient way to travel between the terminal and the long-stay parking area. The buses of airports are usually accessible to disabled persons. The long-stay car park is ideal for holiday car parking, of more than a few days. Cheaper parking rates are also available for passengers who pre-book their parking space, as seven days of parking will only cost £35.00, compared to the £54.00 charged for passengers who have not pre-booked. Pre-booked rates will be £105.00 for twenty-one days of parking and only £5.00 for each day thereafter, while turn-up and pay rates will be £165.00 for twenty-two days of parking, and £7.50 for each following day. Parking can be pre-booked at http://www.parkbcp.co.uk, or the airport can be contacted at +44 (0)870 360 1022.

In addition to the parking spaces mentioned, there are reserved spaces for Blue Badge holders in the short-stay car park. Disabled persons are entitled to discounted parking rates, and should go to the car parking office in the main car park to avail the special rates.

At Belfast International Airport, parking payments can be made at the automatic machines, before returning to your vehicle. They accept all major credit cards, debit cards and cash, and are able to provide change. There are also machines at the exit barriers of the car parks, which will accept credit/debit cards. If you wish to use the machines at the exits, insert your credit/debit card into the machine when entering the car park, and again upon exit of the car park. The payment will be made when exiting the area, and a three percent processing free is applicable. The manned payment station in the main parking area of the airport is able to assist with any enquiries.

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